CASE STUDY: Duran Duran: Live From London

Shot at Wembley Arena with 50 HD cameras, the vast audience shots and light show on the assembly cut of Duran Duran’s ‘Live From London’ looked astounding. The content creators approached D&E to create a marketing plan around a Theatrical Premiere that utilized Digital Cinema Projectors, 5.1 audio systems, and digital delivery from a D5 master, looking for a way to present the content in a scope beyond the television set, one where fans could actually feel like they were at the concert.

Encoded to both DCI standard JPEG 2000, as well as MPEG format, and distributed to 15 theatres nationally, D&E’s marketing efforts were supported and intricately coordinated with radio, retail, on-line, TV and Print Press the theatre chains and the Duran Duran fan club. Trailers for the event played in all participating theatres for several weeks before the event date, and Posters were mounted and hung in theatre lobbies. The event itself included an exclusive greeting from the band, 120 minutes of live performance, and a 3D music video.

The marketing campaign included a press day across the country with Duran Duran as well as on air interviews with various radio stations by members of the band. The event also included retails sales at the theatre through Tower Records and coupons distributed to all theatre attendees. Gibson guitars donated a guitar to each market signed by Duran Duran, which raised excitement around the event to a fever pitch.

Marketing efforts and the quality of the presentation paid off for Duran Duran. Not only did the release sell out theatres in major markets across the US, but also the DVD received visibility valued at tens of thousands of dollars in each market. Theatre chains have become familiar with alternative content events and giving it a place in their theatre. This bodes well for content creators because theatre staff are helpful and supply the support needed to ensure that one night and short-run events go smoothly.

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