Doug Kluthe, D&E Partner and Co-Founder

Doug Kluthe, Partner and Co-founder of D&E Entertainment, has brought the artist-friendly approach he crafted in the music video arena to the hi tech world of Digital Cinema.

As the former Vice President of Video Production and Artist Development of EMI Records of North America, Mr Kluthe oversaw the production of more than 400 music videos and live concerts during his decade long tenure, working closely with artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queensryche, D’Angelo, Prince, Arrested Development, Sinead O’Connor, etc. Soon after EMI, Kluthe became executive producer at Universal/Motown Records where he worked with platinum artists such as Nelly, P Diddy, Godsmack, India Arie, Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Millionaires, to name a few. EMI’s & Universal’s diverse roster provided Mr. Kluthe with invaluable insight in how a label’s creative relationship with its artists often establishes that all important traction with their fans. “I realized it wasn’t just the music that moved audiences,” says Mr. Kluthe “But the compact between the artist, the record company, and the expectations of their fans, which a label has to be sensitive to or that connection is fractured.” It’s that respect for presentation that has enabled Mr. Kluthe and his partner Evan Saxon to lead the way in meeting the current needs of artists, content providers, theatre exhibitors and music and movie fans searching for the ultimate theatre experience in an HD setting “We try to create additional excitement not only around the content, but making the entire experience unforgettable, bringing together legacy artists and their fans by using the most advanced technology available.”

Navigating a stunning roster of superstar artists via simultaneous/multiple city premieres, D&E has singlehandedly created a franchise release window for companies and artists seeking an exclusive kickoff. Whether live concert movie or documentary, DVD launch or breakthrough advertising campaign, D&E delivers. “It truly is unlike any other experience. The ultimate presentation in an event based setting with the highest standard of HD presentation you will ever see.”

Mr. Kluthe’s post record company endeavors also include a role as Director of Client Management in the Entertainment and Media Division of e-commerce/brand building company marchFIRST, steering multiple online initiatives for high-powered brands such as JC Penny, Handleman, and Mazda of North America, among others. One of his goals is to expand the niche D&E has established with other interoperable brands and platforms, as well. “We look to make D&E a very productive marketing force for advertisers, retailers, gaming and extreme sports enthusiasts, even the political and social networking sector,” says Mr. Kluthe. “We’re currently allocating our strategic resources to widen the tent. The digital economy is growing at such an explosive rate, and cinema has always been one of the most innovative spaces for advertising. Audiences don’t easily forget what they see on the big screen. How the High Definition and 5.1 completes that experience can’t be measured in words.”

It’s the principal reason Mr. Kluthe teamed up with another digital visionary, former record executive and entrepreneur, Evan Saxon, to launch D&E in 2005. Mr. Saxon’s experience in creating digital programs and business models delivering content directly to music fans complemented Mr. Kluthe’s own creative-first credentials. In only two years, D&E has become a leader in their field, offering an array of premier-quality marketing and promotion services for companies desiring to create an impact incorporating the ex-traordinary HD theatrical experience to fans around the globe.

The Los Angeles based company currently provides artists, documentary filmmakers, record labels, music retailers, theatres, advertisers and the film communities with exciting alternative content solutions in the groundbreaking digital format. D&E has guided and supported captivating HD multiple city theatrical premieres for breakthrough and superstar artists, including Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, Duran Duran, Shakira, Rihanna, Smashing Pumpkins, Morris-sey, Ramones, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Slipknot and many others.

“I remember the feeling of attending some of our first premieres in HD,” says Mr. Kluthe. “You’d have these music fans packing the theatre – texting people in other cities even cheering the screen as if it were a live rock concert. The theatre owners were amazed you could get this audience into the seats on a Monday or Tuesday night. That’s the kind of excitement Digital Cinema is able to generate for our clients. People staying until the last credit rolls. We’re determined to translate that experience across the board, broadening the level of exposure to clients and companies who never had the opportunity to showcase their product before such a willing and enthusiastic audience.”

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