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Presenting the theatrical debut of Crue Fest in HD

in over 50 theatres throughout the US


(Hollywood, CA) March 17, 2009—D&E Entertainment, the leader in Theatrical Marketing and Digital distribution of Alternative Content, today announced the exclusive screening of ‘Crue Fest’; featuring Motley Crue larger and louder than you have ever seen before. Crue fans of all ages will unite on March 19, 2023 for the spectacular Hi-Def premiere in 50+ digital theatres across the U.S. including New York, San Diego, Boston, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Houston and Chicago.


The inaugural Crue Fest, dubbed "the loudest show on earth," was the most successful touring rock festival of the summer. This traveling festival, featuring Motley Crue along with rock's top touring acts Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx: A.M. and Trapt, entertained more than half a million fans in an explosive journey across 40 cities throughout North America. The Rockvine proclaimed, “You just don’t see rock shows like this anymore,” and now this show can be seen through the most advanced digital technology.


D&E’s digital cinema premiere showcases 'bands that embody the spirit of rock and roll' the way they were meant to be seen’. Molding the 15 camera high-definition documentary into the digital format and mixed in both 5.1 and stereo sound, D&E captures the decadence, energy, noise and sweat that is Crue Fest. Fans can experience three decades of the loudest rock hits, featuring the Grammy nominated Saints of Los Angeles, huge fiery post-apocalyptic setting full of pyrotechnics and fireworks with unparalleled sound and picture quality.


The in-theatre documentary of Crue Fest One features over 90 minutes of incredible footage promised to amp up rock fans for the March 24 release of the Crue Fest DVD and the up-and-coming Crue Fest 2: “The White Trash Circus” tour which will hit the road this summer.


For more information or to purchase tickets for the one-night theater event, visit: or


Look for D&E to bring the theatrical marketing and distribution of Iron Maiden’s 'Flight 666' to movie theatres across the country on April 21.


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