What are the Benefits of Trivia Nights for Corporate Teambuilding?

Your company benefits when your employees work better together. Getting to know each other in an open, honest environment helps with this. Your bottom line improves when everyone in all departments works better together. Regular team building activities help with this.

Team Building

As business evolved, so have the theories behind it. Antiquated management theory encouraged a competitive workplace, while current management theory encourages a collaborative workplace.

Collaboration doesn’t magically happen though. It requires approachable, skilled people who value one another and feel they can request collaboration. You can’t force collaboration or a team environment. You can host team building exercises that involve all of your employees. You can invite contractors and vendors, too, but obviously, they aren’t required to attend. The benefits of team building include:

  • Foster employee enthusiasm and motivation,
  • Improve employee productivity,
  • Encourage creative thinking,
  • Enhance problem solving skills.

Trivia Night: Something for Everyone

You might not think of trivia as a team building exercise, but it offers all the needed elements of a great team building exercise, plus one other important benefit. Everyone can play. Some popular team building activities like scavenger hunts or ropes courses limit or preclude individuals with disabilities. Although most professional ropes courses offer ADA accommodation, the employee may still feel singled out. That isn’t conducive to team building.

Trivia Variations

Trivia nights let you get to know each other. Games like Trivial Pursuit provide multiple categories with at least one that suits every interest from film to history to sports. You can even add an extra category that includes company related trivia. Eventually, you might hold an entire game night around company trivia.

Form trivia teams to encourage collaboration. Rather than competing against one another, participants view each other as collaborative teammates.

You can also play trivia games that enable everyone to get to know each other better. These include the Elimination game and Two Truths and a Lie.

In Elimination, everyone forms a circle. A moderator reads a piece of trivia true about at least one participant, for example, “I was born during winter.” Only the participants the fact applies to remain in the circle. Everyone learns trivia about one another. Play multiple rounds so you still learn something about the people eliminated during the first question.

In Two Truths and a Lie, when it’s their turn, each person tells two truths and a lie about themselves. The other players must guess which statement is the lie.

You can easily team build using trivia nights. The many benefits of doing a trivia night with your coworkers as a teambuilding activity help everyone involved. Your employees benefit by building self-confidence, getting to know each other better and forming collaborative networks. You benefit by improving employee performance which means improved productivity and increased collaboration, You can foster all that in a few well-organized trivia nights with pizza included, of course. Read more about our corporate events now.