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  1. Robert Newby says:

    Will it be released in Canadian Cities soon? I’m closest to Toronto, Ontario.

  2. Natalie says:

    Will it be released in NC (Charlotte)?

  3. John says:

    Why not a place in chicago?
    I can’t get 35 miles away to see.

  4. Scott Catledge, Professor Emeritus says:

    Nothing in Florida?!?

  5. Will it be coming to New Orleans, LA…?
    If so when and where..?

  6. ANYWHERE in Florida? Sarasota would be nice…

  7. Dave Posh says:

    Damn! No Austin, TX area showings…

  8. Dave Posh says:

    Austin TX is too f-ing liberal. But the suburbs are the opposite.

  9. AnnNoE says:

    Any place in New Mexico? Roswell would be nice, but you’d probably be run out of town.

  10. Chris says:

    Kansas City area?

  11. Alex says:

    how about Miami, FL?

  12. Megan McBride says:

    For those of you complaining about not having the movie in your city. Do something about it. Request it for your town. Get your friends to request it for your town. Use facebook to get the word out. If you want to see it so badly, either get it into your town or travel to another one. Those are your options.

  13. Leonard says:

    I enjoyed the documentary very much.

  14. Sofi says:

    When will this be released in the UK? Is it possible to purchase the DVD?

  15. Jelene says:

    Will any more dates be added? I’m traveling out of state & won’t be home til the end of the month- & its not showing where I’m traveling either. : (

  16. Per Chr. Valbo says:

    Please inform me on when the film Will be shown in Norway or neighbouring countries?

  17. John Grady says:

    Please, somewhere in North Carolina, probably not Chapel Hill or Asheville.

  18. Julie Bonkowski says:

    Port Saint Lucie, Florida, would be a “middle of the state on the east side” great location of offer the documentary. Please seriously consider!!! I suggest doing it in April or May when snow birds are still sunning in the Sunshine State!!

  19. David says:

    When will there be a showing in Cleveland, Ohio? Will this film ever be in movie theaters like other films?

  20. Orion says:

    Chicago. Please. (or throw it on DVD, I’ll gladly buy it)

  21. Patrick S. says:

    To Dave Posh: Jan. 28th 12PM Alamo Drafthouse AUSTIN, TX

  22. Jim C. says:

    EVERYONE NEEDS to see this before the November elections which threaten the loss of our country. Instead of limited engagements, it should be mass released on DVD.

  23. shellback says:

    No showings in Utah - how ironic is that. That is terrible and breaks my heart

  24. shellback says:

    Will we be able to buy or rent the DVD?

  25. Enrique says:

    Any Denver dates?

  26. Billythekid says:

    What about Wyoming? Is it gonna come here?

  27. Tricia Smith says:

    C A L I F O R N I A is a must!!!!!

  28. Core says:

    Will buy this when it comes out on DVD or BluRay, you know which every one you guys release on first. Prefer BluRay.

    Also, it would be cool to see this movie in KY.

    I can’t drive 300 miles to see a movie, its just no feasible.

  29. Ray says:

    How about Louisville, KY? Please?

  30. Aaron says:

    Arrrg, I hope they make it available online.

  31. Rod Gatton says:

    Are there any showings schedualed for Springfield or central Illinois, I know our state is really liberal but I can hope.

  32. Leo says:

    DVD date please!

  33. June Yirush says:

    When will we be able to buy the DVD?

  34. D & E Entertainment says:

    April 3rd!

  35. Charles Cady says:

    Please setup screenings in the Phoenix Arizoan area

  36. mike says:

    When will it come to rockford showplace 16?

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