FIX – The Ministry Movie

FIX - The Ministry Movie


Please continue to check back as more theaters will be added.


Date Theatre City State Tickets
Nov. 11th & 12th Pickford Film Center Bellingham WA Info/Buy
Dec. 9,10th The Film Bar Phoenix AZ BUY NOW!
Jan. 6, 7th The Texas Theatre Dallas TX JUST ADDED


About the Film

FIX: The Ministry Movie shoves your a** way, way backstage with the scariest band EVER.

“F..K THE MAINSTREAM” – might as well have been written by Al Jourgenson, founder of MINISTRY. Love him or hate him, Al and how he makes music changed all the rules. Al and all the guys he played with, paid the price and took no prisoners along the way, but they MATTERED.

No Ministry = No NIN, or Korn, or Jane’s Addiction… if you don’t believe it? Hear it directly from Trent Reznor, Jonathan Davis, Dave Navarro and many more.

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  1. Dmitry says:


  2. RealPartZet says:

    I want see this movie in Russia!

  3. bernie says:

    Please come to philly !!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Seattle, WA AND Portland, OR!!

  5. LAdyVAida says:

    Show that kick ass shit in Vancouver, Canada! Please!

  6. Matt says:

    Toronto, Canada!

  7. Dieter says:

    CHICAGO!!!! back at the MUSIC BOX maybe?

  8. Lisa manning says:

    Liverpool England!

  9. kr says:

    Pittsburgh, PA please, at The Oaks or Hollywood Theatre?

  10. Danny says:

    St. George, Utah!

  11. che says:

    aarhus, denmark !!!

  12. Klay Averitt says:

    Orlando, Fl.

  13. Dan says:

    Cambridge Arts cinema (UK) please…

  14. PacMUle says:


  15. Slice says:

    Portland, OR
    make it happen.

  16. Laura says:

    France !!!

  17. Marc says:

    Montréal, Québec, Canada. You already came on tour here, so you got no choice to come back!

  18. RevCof says:


  19. Buck Hendershot says:

    Dublin, Ireland!!!!

  20. Zach Kosterman says:

    You gotta hit Austin, TX!! I just moved here from Los Angeles and I knew it would show up there after I left!! Make it happen guys!!

  21. michael gadonneix says:

    New Orleans!!!

  22. Buddard says:

    Stockholm, Sweden!

  23. J says:

    Asheville, NC

  24. UnRepentant says:

    Atlanta, GA!

  25. Haider says:

    Chicago. Music Box, the Century, or Siskel Film Center

  26. stEvil says:

    Sydney, Australia. Please.

  27. Marf says:

    BERLIN GERMANY!!!!!!!moviemento pleeeeeeeease!

  28. Jess says:

    Bring it to Toronto. Dieing to see this movie

  29. OneMoreFix says:

    Bring the show to Phoenix,AZ! I need my fix!

  30. Tom says:

    Manchester England

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