Social Events

Are you planning your anniversary, your best friend’s birthday party, or a holiday party for your family and friends? The truth is that the whole planning process is no walk in the park. To have a successful event, you need guidance or professional assistance all through the intricate event planning process. For all social event services, D and E Entertainment are here and ready to bail you out and leave an indelible impression on all your guests.

At D and E entertainment, we guide you through each and every step of planning a top notch trivia contest. Do you have an idea of how your event will look like? Well, worry not because we extend our unique services from the initial planning and budgeting to the implementation phase. We walk through the process with you from interviewing and selecting vendors, choosing venues and ultimately making sure that every little detail of your event is handled precisely, at the right time and with the magnitude it deserves.

When it’s time for your trivia night, we stand by your side and ensure the day remains unique and memorable. We would like nothing but the very best for you. Therefore, we provide you with on-site coordination of your event - provided by our expert trivia hosts - from its commencement to the very end. We ensure that you relax and enjoy every bit of this day as we handle everything professionally. Any queries by your guests and vendors are our concern, and you only get in the picture only when checking or confirming essential details when necessary.

Also, we offer social event consultation. We understand that different clients have different needs for their social events. For those not seeking to plan their event but require professional assistance, D and E Entertainment is here for you. Whether you need referrals to reliable vendors or guidance on budget planning, it is simple and easy when you contact us.