Corporate Leadership

Doug Kluthe, Partner and Co-Founder

“I remember the feeling of attending some of our first premieres in HD. You’d have these music fans packing the theatre texting people in other cities even cheering the screen as if it were a live rock concert. The theatre owners were amazed you could get this audience into the seats on a Monday or Tuesday night. That’s the kind of excitement Digital Cinema is able to generate for our clients. People staying until the last credit rolls. We’re determined to translate that experience across the board, broadening the level of exposure to clients and companies who never had the opportunity to showcase their product before such a willing and enthusiastic audience.”

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Evan Saxon, Partner and Co-Founder

“The vision we have for D&E, and the excitement about HD, 3D and digital cinema has opened doors to a new platform of consumer engagement, we aim to be on the forefront of opening additional revenue streams for our content creators. How do we do that? By offering the highest caliber presentation in mediums revitalized by technology for content deserving of a premium showcase. The rollout we offer has the power to captivate entertainment fans like never before.”

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